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Environmental Improvements in Hampden Lane

After hearing repeated complaints about the mess in Hampden Lane we have taken some time to dig into the issues, constraints and available support. A summary is available for anybody to edit, comment or build on:

The key points are:
– the lane is privately and jointly owned by the owners of properties on Stanmore Road, Hampden Lane, Advie Place and May Terrace.
– GCC is not responsible for clearing fly tipping from this place
– the process for bulk waste is changing
– there is an outstanding question about whether the lane is a Public Right of Way, and we are looking into that.

Residents at the eastern end are working together to raise funds and make improvements. Lets us know if you would like to be put in touch.

Membership of the Community Council gives you access to a platform to supporting improvements of these kinds. Find out more about becoming a Community Councillor.

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