3 thoughts on “Tell MoFloCoCo about Hampden events any time

  1. Post Scotland v Germany football match area around Battlefield monument and Battlefield road strewn with cans, plastic glasses, food remnants and take away packaging! This area was not cleaned for 5 days which is unacceptable! To make matters worse Scotland got beat!

  2. Car parked in my street, 4 guys got out, I informed them this is a permit area, they asked how much the fine would be, I informed probably usual £60, they said well there’s 4 of us, so £15 each, we can afford it. Five minutes later, they did get a ticket. Also noticed a lot of cars parked in my small street that are not the usual cars although had permits. So whats happening, is that people who have permits but live at the furthest permit point are parking nearer Hampden. Maybe it would be an idea if the permit stated the street that the car belongs to and can only park there using permit, thus enabling residents to park in their own street.

  3. Sent a notice saying I transgressed this parking Zone on a match day. My wife and in-laws stayed in the street at 101 Stanmore Road(Gillespie) and I parked there for old times sake and obviously proximity to the stadium. Was unaware
    of any restriction-the Council say they have a photograph of the ticket on my car but neither my brother or I saw the ticket. We are both beyond retirement age but have good eyesight—–did not see any notices in Prospecthill Road,Bolivar Terrace or Stanmore Road.

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