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Mount Florida Businesses Support Hampden Bid

Press Release:

A letter signed by businesses in Mount Florida has underlined the hammer blow that would be dealt to local economy if the SFA decides to leave Hampden for Murrayfield.

The letter, coordinated by Mount Florida Community Council, has been signed by 39 businesses, representing the majority of the neighbourhood shopping area.

The letter highlights the community benefits of the local shopping area as well as the economic contribution “The wide range of goods and services we provide is an important local amenity. Furthermore, the shopping area is an important focus of community interaction and supports community cohesion.”

A decision by the SFA to leave Glasgow would be another shock to the city’s small businesses, coming soon after the tragic fire at the Mackintosh School of Art which has all but shut down businesses in parts of Sauchiehall Street.

Chris Carus, of MoFloCoCo, remarked “All types of business are represented in the signatories including businesses that benefit directly on events days like restaurants, as well as others that benefit from the additional year-round footfall brought by the SFA offices, the sports health centre, corporate events and other stadium visitors.”

He continued, “Only four of the businesses we spoke to declined to put their names to the letter. The main reason given was reduced access for deliveries on major match days. That is something we believe can be improved, and we intend to raise it with the City Council and Police Scotland.”

As well as creating jobs and providing services, research has shown that locally-owned businesses of the kind found in Mount Florida retain a far larger proportion of revenue in the local area rather than being siphoned off to a head office elsewhere.

Mount Florida Community Council has already written this month to Peter Dallas expressing its support for Hampden Park Limited’s bid to keep the SFA at Hampden.

Read the full letter here.

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