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Another Step Forward on Hampden Event Management

Information sent direct to ticket holders – a first for Hampden event management

MoFloCoCo has long had a constructive relationship with Hampden Park Ltd . We have long called for ticket holders to be sent information about access, parking and the ban on public drinking. Now for the first time, as far as we know, this has been done.

Over the last few weeks HPL has worked with the promoters to have this leaflet (pdf) sent direct to ticket holders.

MoFloCoCo is pleased to see this positive development, another of many small steps that add up to a better event experience for both fans and residents alike.

MoFloCoCo reflects the majority view of local residents that Hampden Park is a valuable asset for Mount Florida due to the economic benefits and our pride in its heritage. The local shopping area – a key local amenity – would struggle to survive without the custom associated with events. We support efforts to retain Hampden as the home of Scottish football and as Scotland’s fixture on the global stadium concert circuit. We view with concern the SFA’s deliberations regarding its potential relocation away from Hampden.

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