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£50,000 Funding Awarded to Mount Florida Civic Space

Press Release:

A community council in Glasgow’s southside has received a significant grant to plan a new civic space at the entrance to Hampden.

The Letherby Triangle project, led by Mount Florida Community Council, has been awarded £50,000 from Scottish Government via Sustrans’ Places for Everyone programme, to consult with local residents and develop a plan to transform a traffic island into a multi-use space, capable of hosting community events.

The Community Council, known as MoFloCoCo, has consulted with hundreds of local residents over the unused triangle to develop initial designs. This funding will allow MoFloCoCo to appoint specialists to develop the design for a civic space and improved road safety.

Chris Carus, Chair of MoFloCoCo Chair, said: “Thanks to Sustrans, local residents will be able to inform the plans for Letherby Triangle civic space. This area is sorely lacking space for our community to congregate and to spend time with one another. It has the potential to really improve Mount Florida and the wider southside with a valuable community resource, a city landmark and key civic space.

This transformation will also improve pedestrian safety, which is especially important as it is next to Mount Florida Primary School. It will make it easier for people to arrive at Hampden by walking or cycling, and it will create opportunities for community events. We hope everyone who lives in the area will get involved.

Dave Keane, Infrastructure Delivery Manager at Sustrans explained why the Letherby bid was awarded the funding: “This project is seeking to take an existing, underused greenspace which is cut off by the surrounding streets and put it to work for everyone in the local community. We look forward to seeing the proposals for a project seeking to create a place for everyone.”


  1. The triangle is situated near Hampden Park, directly in front of Mount Florida Primary School and between two main roads (Cathcart Road and Carmunnock Road). The space is presently largely inaccessible because it is surrounded on all three sides by busy roads and parking. In addition, it is over-grown with trees and has not been maintained for public access. Click here for a Google Street View of the triangle.
  2. You can read more about MoFloCoCo’s plans here:
  3. Details of Sustrans work in Scotland is available here:

1 thought on “£50,000 Funding Awarded to Mount Florida Civic Space”

  1. The press release describes Letherby Triangle as ”unused”,Dave Keane of Sustrans calls it an”underused greenspace” and yet the triangle is actually full of living trees.

    The Scottish Government has declared a ”Climate Emergency” and says that Carbon Dioxide is the enemy of mankind,as everyone knows trees absorb Carbon Dioxide and purify the air, therefore Letherby Triangle cannot be accused of being unused or underused,but is actually fulfilling a useful purpose.

    To close the junction of Cathcart Road and Carmunnock Road,will cause a decrease in air quality and an increase in congestion,especially when there is an event taking place at Hampden Park.

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