Mount Florida Parking and Traffic Review 20-25th April, 2015

MoFloCoCo’s public consultation of ideas to improve the parking and traffic situation will be open from Monday 20th until Saturday 25th April. 

Over the past year Mount Florida Community Council has been working on your behalf to seek improvements to the parking and traffic safety issues around Mount Florida. We have teamed up with the Land and Environmental Services (LES), the Langside Area Partnership, Mount Florida Primary Parent Partnership and local businesses.

Today MoFloCoCo opens a consultation on a number of improvement ideas. There are 8 multiple-choice questions.

You can either view the plans here and participate in the online survey below or by visiting Langside Library between 20th and 25th April. The library is open as follows: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 10am – 5pm. Tues & Thurs: 10am – 8pm. Langside Library, 2 Sinclair Drive, G42 9QE.

This is your opportunity to influence the changes which will affect your local area.  The final plans will depend on your feedback, feedback from bus companies, emergency services, legal restrictions and of course funding limitations. These plans will then need to go through the statutory consultation process.

The feedback will be reported at the Mount Florida Community Council meeting on Tuesday the 28th of April at 7pm in Clincarthill Parish Church Hall, 1220 Cathcart Road, G42 9EU. Please come along.

View the plans:

Complete the survey below. Mobile-friendly version here.

2 thoughts on “Mount Florida Parking and Traffic Review 20-25th April, 2015

  1. Hi there. I live on florida street. The street is busy and I agree it can get a bit tricky when entering clincart road to go to Florida street as there is not nigh space for 2 cars. However, as there is no box junction on the exit at clincart or indeed at McLennan (onto cathcart road) I queue to exit my street every morning to get to work, often for some time. This is because cars block the exit when they are waiting to get through the traffic lights. I think including a one way system will make the exit at McKennan even more congested and unless you position a box at the exit (so cars turning right onto cathcart road can exit) then there will be a huge tailback on McLennan as cars can’t get out.

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