Community Objection to Asda Toryglen development

Many residents have objected to the proposed development at Asda Toryglen. Many people objected the developer has avoided community consultation and scrutiny, or had concerns about the impact on local businesses in Mount Florida, litter, traffic and public health impacts. If you share these concerns please urgently contact your ward councillors to tell them. The applications are likely to go to Committee for approval next Tuesday 7th February.


  • Archie Graham        0141 287 7048
  • Susan Aitken                           0141 287 3751
  • Anna Richardson                      0141 287 4405

You can read the community objection in full here (pdf) Community objection to Asda Toryglen development


  1. The applications should be considered as a single Major Development and since the applicant has not met the statutory requirements for pre-planning application consultation, the applications should be rejected as premature.
  2. The proposed development will have a detrimental impact on the sustainable, walkable Town Centres, in conflict with the City Development Plan. Planning Obligations in the form of financial support for Town Centre development would ameliorate the applications.
  3. The proposed development at this site, which is just 200 feet from Holyrood school and opposite Toryglen football centre, will have an irresponsible and detrimental impact on public health. There is already plenty of provision of unhealthy hot food takeaway, and few healthy alternatives, and further provision is unnecessary. Controls on advertising and promotions aimed at schoolchildren, plus support for local health initiatives would ameliorate the applications.
  4. Strict conditions on litter control must be imposed as part of any consent to avoid anti-social and environmental problems.
  5. Strict conditions on opening hours must be imposed as part of any consent to avoid anti-social behaviour problems.
  6. Capacity assessments of the store access junction and on the junction of Prospecthill and Aikenhead Roads should be carried out before permission may be considered.

One thought on “Community Objection to Asda Toryglen development

  1. I think this Asda Toryglen planned developement should be opposed vigorously I believe by Mount Florida Community Council and other local community councils and interested parties, as this would constitute a disaster for the area with regards to public safety, the environment, immense traffic congestion, increased vermin, vandalism and litter, and an affront to healthy eating habits for the pupils of Holyrood Secondary School and the young people who attend Toryglen Regional Football Fields, and it will potentially attract gangs and indesirables from all over to the area, and the hard pressed police at Aikenhead Road police station will be run off their feet, especially on match and concert days at the nearby Hampden Park.

    I fear these developments will be catastrophic for the local Mount Florida, Govanhill and Toryglen area and increase public disorder and damage the value of local houses and properties, and who knows what nature and contentious problems the six unnamed commercial units, could potentially cause in the future.

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