Traffic and Parking Review

Mount Florida Primary SchoolA range of new parking restrictions introduced in late 2013 provoked a strong negative reaction from residents and since then MoFloCoCo has been co-ordinating a response on behalf of the community.

In a densely populated area like Mount Florida there will be no perfect solution that solves every problem. However MoFloCoCo will be involved with GCC Land & Environmental Services (LES) at all stages of the project and represent the local community so that the final result best meets the wishes of the whole community.


The purposes of the project are:

  • improve pedestrian safety,
  • optimise access to businesses for shoppers and deliveries,
  • optimise available parking space for residents.


  • Summer 2013 – Increased restrictions introduced after public notification. MoFloCoCo starts receiving complaints from residents
  • Spring 2014 – MoFloCoCo holds public meeting and site meeting with ward councillors.
  • Autumn 2014 – LES completed a review after the Commonwealth Games. The review included detailed data gathering, consulting with school Parent Partnership, collecting 32 Servicing Survey responses from businesses.
  • Spring 2015 – changes agreed in principle except for Letherby Triangle. GCC prepared to implement when there is one plan agreed or all Mount Florida due to the cost and legal challenges inherent in a new Traffic Regulation Order.
  • 2016 – concerns about pedestrian hazards around the school/ Letherby Drive and opportunities to improve the civic value of the Letherby Triangle green space are addressed through a wide-ranging consultation lead by MoFloCoCo and funded by GCC Community Planning Partnership
  • February 2016 – MoFloCoCo reports on a preferred design option for Letherby Triangle identified through the consultation.
  • Spring 2017 – school Parent Partnership works with ward councillors and LES implements improved traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing by the high flats, alleviating a pedestrian hazard.
  • June 2017 – due to the continuing challenge to raise funds and recruit a community team to run the Letherby Triangle project, MoFloCoCo requests LES to proceed with the changes agreed for the areas not including Letherby Triangle
  • September 2017 – report expected from LES.

What’s happening now?
The development planning for Letherby Triangle continues. For the other areas, we are discussing with LES the feasibility of implementing the proposed improvements independent of the Letherby Triangle considerations.


How you can get involved
If you would like to contribute to this work, please contact us.

Latest News:

Draft Traffic Regulation Order

We are pleased that many of our recommendations have been included in a draft traffic regulation order that was published for consultation by Glasgow City Council on Friday 12th July. GCC has also included its own proposals, mainly aimed at improving sightlines and pedestrian safety.

Comments or objections must be submitted by Friday 2nd August. Please share your opinion and feedback with us as well as with GCC.

You can read the full proposal on GCC's website. We have provided the notes below to make the proposals easier to understand. Please do not rely solely on these notes but also read the GCC draft TRO.

Mount Florida Community Council (MoFloCoCo) has worked closely with GCC over a period of years in developing the proposals. This included holding workshops and surveying local businesses as early as 2014.

The proposals comprise 3 parts:

  1. Relaxation of parking/loading restrictions on Cathcart Road
  2. Increased parking spaces on Bolton Drive, Clincart Road
  3. Additional proposals made by GCC - mainly related to pedestrian safety.

1. Relaxation of Parking and Loading Restrictions on Cathcart Road

MoFloCoCo's proposals seek to make more parking available to shoppers and to residents.

Now: many long loading bays, restricted to goods vehicles.
Proposed: shorter loading bays, available to any vehicle.

Current complicated signage.

Now: peak time clearways
Proposed: peak time clearway restrictions removed (Update 30th July: this has been confirmed)

Now: long bus bays.
Proposed: short pavement build outs giving better public transport access to Mount Florida and free up parking spaces.

A bus build-out on Saracen Street

No change:
- event day restrictions.
- loading bay outside Tesco restricted to goods vehicle only.

2. Increased parking spaces on Bolton Drive, Clincart Road

Several proposals are intended to make more space available for parking.

Now: The top (western end) of Bolton Drive is 'unofficially' treated as one-way by drivers, enabling diagonal parking. Two way traffic on Clincart Road. Diagonal parking only at northern end of Clincart.
Proposed: Clincart Road becomes one-way allowing 'diagonal' parking, creating more parking capacity.

Now: triangle traffic island on Bolton Drive serves little purpose.
Proposed: remove the triangle, and build-out the kerb, creating more parking space.

Current traffic island on Bolton Drive

Diagonal parking at northern end of Clincart Road.

3. Additional proposals made by GCC

From GCC's report: "The Council are taking the opportunity to improve parking practices and road safety within the adjoining residential areas. This includes ensuring crossing points are accessible, sightlines at junctions are sufficient and generally parking practices are safe and not obstructive."

No waiting instructions are proposed at many junctions across Mount Florida and Kings Park west of Aikenhead Road. Example below.

Update 17 Jul: GCC Land Services confirmed these changes are in response to requests made by members of the public (in particular the markings on corners in Kings Park), and based on input made by Glasgow Housing Association for the area around the high flats.

Example 'no waiting' restrictions proposed to be introduced on corners.


Any person wishing to object to the proposed Order must submit this in writing to: Andy Waddell, Director of Operations, Neighbourhoods and Sustainability, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or email and it must be received by Friday 2 August 2019.

In traffic jargon, 'Waiting' means parking but doesn't include stopping to load/unload. 'Loading' means stopping to load/unload goods or to allow passengers to board or alight. Reminder of the road markings:


Workshop with local businesses, January 2014

Consultation at Langside Library, April 2015


Parking and Traffic Survey Report Published

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Parking and Traffic survey which was carried out from 20 - 25th April. We had a good number of responses offline (in Langside Library) and online. The report is now available here. It includes the next steps that were agreed in the MoFloCoCo meeting on Tuesday 28th April.


Mount Florida Parking and Traffic Review 20-25th April, 2015

MoFloCoCo's public consultation of ideas to improve the parking and traffic situation will be open from Monday 20th until Saturday 25th April.