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Hampden Neighbours Survey results January to March 2015

Mount Florida Community Council surveyed residents neighbouring Hampden Park in the weeks following the major football events in January to March 2015. The results have now been published. You can read it in full here (pdf).The survey questions centred on the topics that had previously been identified as persistent issues in relation to Hampden events. Results summary:

  • There were 218 responses including 14,000 words of comments for the 5 events.
  • 66% agreed that “Hampden Park is generally a positive asset for my neighbourhood”.
  • Only 50% felt notification was sufficient, although 68% of drivers knew in advance of the Event Day Parking Zone restrictions. Residents recognised MoFloCoCo’s efforts to alert residents to matches.
  • The Event Day Parking Zone was not well enforced (44% positive), leaving many residents unable to park in the vicinity of their homes. 59% of residents know how to get replacement or additional permits.
  • Anti-social behaviour was a problem (67% positive), especially for the Celtic vs Rangers match (52% positive). Public urination, alcohol consumption, littering and offensive language were major problems. Many residents reported that this behaviour was often not challenged by Police. Mounted Police in back lanes was reported as effective. Residents would like more support, especially in dealing with fans invading back courts and closes. 
  • LES was complimented for the efficiency of the litter clean-up operations despite high levels of littering (67% positive), however un-cleared Police horse manure was a common complaint (53% positive).

Read the full report here (pdf).

MFCC met with representatives from Hampden Park Ltd, Land & Environmental Services, Police, Community Safety Glasgow in a meeting chaired by Langside Area Partnership chair Cllr Archie Graham. An action plan is in development and will be made publicly available in due course.

Residents can email to register for event notifications and information.