The entrance steps to Hampden Football StadiumHampden Parking

An events day parking zone exists around Hampden. Residents may apply for a permit to park on event days, and buy supplementary passes for £10. See the link below for information.

Hampden Neighbours Project

The purpose of the Hampden Neighbours project is to help ensure that major Hampden events are planned in the best interests of participants, spectators and residents alike.

Since 2015 MoFloCoCo has maintained a simple online survey to collect feedback from residents. We have used the survey results to campaign for improvements. Our successes include:




Latest News:

Euro2020 Information Evening 14 November

Here are some of the slides and information shared with residents and businesses on 14th November, 2019 in preparation for the Euro2020 matches in June 2020. A follow-up session has been promised to take place 'in the Spring'. Please share your thoughts and further questions with us at moflococo@gmail.com

Marquees go up in April. Security cordon in May. Matches in June. Cordon comes down 8th July.

Security cordon will have a smaller footprint than it did for Commonwealth Games. Bolivar Lane, Somerville, Brownlie, Northfield should all remain open.

A radius of 1km around the stadium is the focus for multi-agency efforts to get people in and out of the stadium smoothly. Buses to be parked well away from the stadium. 

There will be free public transport for fans with tickets. That should mean shorter queues at stations. Shuttle buses from Merchant City, George Square, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports as well as trains.

Fans will be encouraged to walk from town with signposted routes.

Peter Dallas, Hampden Managing Director, was "surprised to hear" from residents that football fans regularly drink in public and pee in the street and in people's closes! Bless.

The lighter area is the 'event zone' in which the UEFA revenue protection law will apply with respect to blocks on outdoor selling and advertising.

Part of the draft guidelines for the UEFA revenue protection law currently going through Parliament, showing exceptions that apply to the advertising regulation. If you'r not sure if you need to take your business will be impacted, you can email them with questions.


Mount Florida Businesses Support Hampden Bid

Press Release:

A letter signed by businesses in Mount Florida has underlined the hammer blow that would be dealt to local economy if the SFA decides to leave Hampden for Murrayfield.


Letter of Support to Keep Football at Hampden

The SFA will soon hear presentations from the Hampden Park Limited and Scottish Rugby Union ahead of its decision whether to keep Scottish football at Hampden or move it to Murrayfield.  We understand that if the SFA leaves, the stadium will likely close as Queens Park would not be able to afford the upkeep.


Another Step Forward on Hampden Event Management

Information sent direct to ticket holders - a first for Hampden event management


Annual Report of Resident Feedback on Hampden Events

We've been collecting feedback from residents about Hampden events since 2015 and we've used it with some success to campaign for improvements. Today we publish our short report on feedback received in 2017. We have asked Councllor Anna Richardson, who chairs the Langside Area Partnership, to take the report forward and hold the various agencies and council departments accountable for the requested improvements.

Thanks to our volunteers Beth and Kirstie who have prepared the report over the last couple of years.

As always we'd like to hear feedback about the action plan. Read it here (pdf, 2 pages).