The entrance steps to Hampden Football StadiumHampden Parking

An events day parking zone exists around Hampden. Residents may apply for a permit to park on event days, and buy supplementary passes for £10. See the link below for information.

Hampden Neighbours Project

The purpose of the Hampden Neighbours project is to help ensure that major Hampden events are planned in the best interests of participants, spectators and residents alike.

Since 2015 MoFloCoCo has maintained a simple online survey to collect feedback from residents. We have used the survey results to campaign for improvements. Our successes include:




Latest News:

Annual Report of Resident Feedback on Hampden Events

We've been collecting feedback from residents about Hampden events since 2015 and we've used it with some success to campaign for improvements. Today we publish our short report on feedback received in 2017. We have asked Councllor Anna Richardson, who chairs the Langside Area Partnership, to take the report forward and hold the various agencies and council departments accountable for the requested improvements.

Thanks to our volunteers Beth and Kirstie who have prepared the report over the last couple of years.

As always we'd like to hear feedback about the action plan. Read it here (pdf, 2 pages).


Tell MoFloCoCo about Hampden events any time

We've launched a simple form that local residents can use any time to tell us about what is or isn't working about in relation to Hampden events.


Hampden 'Deliverables' Agreed

MoFloCoCo has gained the agreement of the Langside Partnership to 22 proposed 'deliverables' in relation to the Hampden Neighbours project.


Hampden Neighbours Survey results January to March 2015

Mount Florida Community Council surveyed residents neighbouring Hampden Park in the weeks following the major football events in January to March 2015. The results have now been published. You can read it in full here (pdf).