We've launched a simple form that local residents can use any time to tell us about what is or isn't working about
MoFloCoCo has gained the agreement of the Langside Partnership to 22 proposed 'deliverables' in relation to the Hampden Neighbours project. These
Mount Florida Community Council surveyed residents neighbouring Hampden Park in the weeks following the major football events in January to
A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Parking and Traffic survey which was carried out from 20
MoFloCoCo's public consultation of ideas to improve the parking and traffic situation will be open from Monday 20th until Saturday 25th April. 
A range of new parking restrictions introduced in late 2013 provoked a strong negative reaction from residents and since then
Hampden Parking An events day parking zone exists around Hampden. Residents may apply for a permit to park on event
In 2014 the Community Council was awarded £2400 of Glasgow City Council funding from the Langside Area Partnership to kick
Mount Florida Community Council has undertaken a number of three key projects, in response to feedback from neighbours in the